Life To Life Africa is the humanitarian arm of

Life To Life Ministry.


Life To Life, Africa was established in 2003 by Ron and Mary Ann Shimkus.  Ron led the ministry and humanitarian aid projects until 2013, when he suffered a heart attack while on a bus in central Zimbabwe.  Ron died in July, 2013 among the people whom he loved and who loved him. Mike and Julie Sulc assumed the leadership of Life to Life, Africa in September, 2013.


“Do not just speak about love, but show your love through action” The Apostle John

Zimbabwe and Swaziland are two strategic locations of focus. details reports and media on current projects in the field.

Founders of Life To Life Africa Ron and Mary Ann Shimkus. Ron’s pioneering work has impressed a lasting legacy with the people in Zimbabwe. Those he trained, love Ron and still consider him a father figure.


Sulc Family Photo_Dec 2014

Mike and Julie Sulc have a big heart for Africa. Mike is the Director of Life To Life Africa.

Arthur and Mildred Nhau are our key staff leaders in Zimbabwe. Arthur is the Director of Life To Life Zimbabwe


We have a school and critical care service that helps enrich young children educationally and nutritionally.


Micro farming loans are a way to sustainably invest in the community.


We always seek to aid in the most helpful longterm ways. Some families are aided by our food distribution system. Many have taken in orphans and this is a way we can support them and give the orphan a family.


Summer trips are available to college students and church partners.